Fun Dive  * Thai Bahts/person incl. all equipment + Dive guide + Lunch Box + Fruits + Fresh water

1 dive/day 1,500 THB Night Dive 1,900 THB
2 dives/day 2,800 THB Adventure Dive 2,500 THB
3 dives/day 3,500 THB

Discover Scuba Diving (Try diving)at <10m. Depth of sea level

  • 1 dive 2,000 THB
  • 2 dive 3,500 THB

Want to join but not a diver?          JUST 400THB/pax w/Lunch box and snorkel gear

Diving Spot – Near Zone: Talang (Stonehenge Lipe) [Colorful Soft Corals, Yellow and Black Seahorses, Razor fish] Koh Talu, Koh Yang, Adang Corner

          – Far Zone: Sawang, Koh Hin Sorn, Koh Dong, Koh Peung(Bee)

Note:                  -License card is needed.

-Diving Spots can not be confirmed before discussing with the dive master on the diving date.


PADI Courses         

* Thai Bahts/person incl. all equipment + License Card + Lunch Box + Fruits + Fresh water on the field course Day.

  • Scuba Diver (2 days, 3 dives)       9,900 THB
  • Open water (3 or 4 days)               13,800 THB
  • Advanced (2 or 3 days)                   11,300 THB
  • EFR (1days)                                         4,000 THB
  • Rescue Diver (4days)                       12,900 THB
  • Dive Master                                        29,000 THB

Scuba Review (Refresh dive) *The license card is still valid.

  • 1 dive 2,000 THB
  • 2dives 2,900 THB

Extra Services                                                                 

  • Photo Service 700 THB
  • Video Service 1,000 THB
  • DIVE Computer 250 THB / 350 THB

* Thai Bahts/person incl. all equipment. Your own scuba full set discount THB 300.


Preserve the reefs through Sustainable Tourism

We, Satun C.P.S. Travel Company, realize how important the nature is for People, Society and the World. Therefore, we have been operating and providing service with preserving manner towards the Sustainable Tourism.

What we should do: We do care the environment and nature. Please join us not to litter any rubbish, especially non-compostable wastes on the beach or into the sea, not feed animals or fish, not handle marine life for Photo, not collect, destroy, break or step on the coral. Together we can sustain our beloved nature for next generations. Thank you very much ^^


For more info, please contact: Satun C.P.S. Travel :

Ms. Meena 090-289-2691, Ms. Aae 090-289-6245, Ms. Jasmine 089-464-4936

Line ID/We chat : auauyo

Line ID : aaecps