The Village Story is funded by Tourism Authority of Thailand, The Department of Cultural Promotion, Thailand’s Ministry of Culture, Thai Airways, Thai Smile and README.ME is now seeking talented story curators who are invited to explore one of Thailand’s most amazing villages. You’ll meet the community’s local “hero” and then craft your own travel story, ready to present it to the world for a chance to win a cash award total in the amount of 10,000 USD!

We have 22 incredible villages around the country that pride themselves on their rich culture, fascinating history and traditional legacy – all of which have been preserved for visitors to come and experience today. This travel experience will only be funded for the 44 participants (comprising 22 foreign nationals and 22 Thai nationals) that are selected by the project’s committee.


🕵️‍♀We are now seeking talented “Story Curators” to join us as part of this project.


👱‍♀If you are a young person aged between 18-35 years old age and are passion about adventure and curating exciting travel stories, then this is the opportunity for you!


🔺Eligible applicants🔺

✔️The Competition is open to all young people who are aged between 18-35 years old at the time of submitting his or her application and are not prohibited or restricted from doing so by the laws of Thailand or their country of citizenship.

✔️Proficiency in English Language, both spoken and written.

✔️Good communications and networking skills.

✔️Strong experience and skills in: blogging, vlogging & storytelling

✔️Photography and video creation skills

✔️Be willing to contribute your skills and time for the community


Mission for the competition (On 24rd July – 29th July, 2019)

✔️Learn about and explore the village as part of the creative cultural program itinerary for 6 days /5 nights

✔️Create digital content and your travel story through media, such as

📸 Photos

🎥 Video clips (Vlogs)

✍️ 1 Article


Craft an exciting story documenting your trip to your chosen village which will be presented to the world.


✔️Inspire your friends and other youth travelers by posting & sharing your exciting story, creating vlogs to be disseminated through social media channels, tagging your friends . During this time, you’ll show off your social media skills by promoting the story to the best of your ability. (don’t forget to use the hashtag #TheVillageStory #ThailandVillageAcademy #(The village name)


Awards for Accomplishments

1.Most Talented Story Curation for both Thai nationals and foreign nationals
The 2 main winners (1 foreigner and 1 Thai) will be the participants who are judged to have created the most inspiring content (scoring 50% above from the judge of committee, 50% of the highest number of social media engagements – Total number of followers, shares, comments, tags, tweets & retweets)
5 winners will be chosen from the separate foreign and Thai participant groups (10 winners in total). Both of the 5 foreign and 5 Thai winners will equally receive the following prizes (ranked from 1st to 5th place).

    • Rank 1 will receive an education fund with the value of 100,000 baht
    • Rank 2 will receive an education fund with the value of 70,000 baht
    • Rank 3 will receive an education fund with the value of 50,000 baht
    • Rank 4 will receive an education fund with the value of 30,000 baht
    • Rank 5 will receive an education fund with the value of 10,000 baht

2.All participants will receive a certificate from Thailand’s Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture

3.All participants will receive 5-10% from each tour voucher sold during the given duration after the trip.

Apply now at

📍Please submit this application by 4th July 2019


for more formation:


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